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Very Huge Article Submission List | Free Directories list | Free Classifieds list


Ogbadibo local government area was created out of the old Okpokwu local government area in 1991 by the Babangida administration. It derives its name from a stream called Ogbadibo in the area. 

Located 250 km West of Makurdi, Ogbadibo shares boundary with Olamaboro local government area (Kogi State) in the West, to the East by Udenu local government area in Enugu State and Okpokwu on the South Eastern axis.

Ogbadibo local government council area, with Otukpa as headquarters, has a land mass of about 550 sq km with a population of over 90,000 people (1991 census).
The local government area is made up of three major districts. These include Otukpa, Orokam and Owukpa. It has a total of thirteen council wards. Otukpa has six (6) wards, Orokam three (3) while Owukpa has four (4).

Over 80% of the population of the local government engage in farming. Cassava is cultivated in commercial quantity in the districts of Ogbadibo local government area.
Other agricultural produce include yam, beniseed, bambara nuts, melon and millet. Ogbadibo local government area has the largest palm plantation in the state and produces palm wine in commercial quantity. The local government provides the best and wide range of investment opportunity in small scale agro-allied industries in areas like palm kernel, palm oil production and palm wine preservation in Benue state and in all states North of the Niger. There is a large coal deposit at Owukpa and Kaolin at Orokam. These minerals are left untapped. The Owukpa coal mine, which stopped operation in the early 60s is reputed to be the best grade in Nigeria.

Strategically located, ogbadibo is a fast developing commercial center. The Igalas, the Ibos and Idomas of Okpokwu, Otukpo and other local governments flood the local government to buy its agricultural produce. Ogbadibo has three major markets viz: Ukwo Ogbo (Otukpa) Ukwo Orokam and Okwu Owukpa. Oher markets include Aho Adupi, Orokam, Ede Otukpa, Geri Obu Otukpa, Eke ai-Ona Orokam and Eke Akpa Owukpa, Aho Ogbo, Ede as well as Aho Aifam - all in Owukpa.

On the whole, the local government generates revenue from the tree major markets, the largest and the busiest being the Ukwo Otukpa. Other revenue sources of the local government are: Issuance of Certificate of State Origin; Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O); forestry; livestock; L.G. commercial vehicles etc. 
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S/N   NAME                               WARD
1.   Sunday Edoka                      Aioodo I                 PDP
2.   John Enape Yakubu             Aioodo I                  PDP
3.   Ali Omaji Julius                   Aioodo I                  PDP
4.   Sunday Eje Owaji                Aioono I                  PDP
5.   Abuh Adesi                         Aioono II                 PDP
6.   Onuh Francis                       Ehaje I                    PDP
7.   Abakpa Abutu Michael         Ehaje II                   PDP
8.   Inyampe Dennis D.              Itabono II                PDP
9.   Emmanuel Aba                    Itabono  I                AC
10. Onaji Sunday                       Olachagbaha            PDP
11. Odoh Alphonsus                  Orokam II                PDP
12. Bernard Ali                          Orokam III              PDP 
13. Ekere Joseph                       Orokam III              PDP